We’re excited to announce that we sold our second home in July of 2023 and are currently in the process of pursuing multiple other development opportunities! Our homeownership application is available below and everyone interested in purchasing a home from us is encouraged to apply. 

All applicants will need to attend an orientation session prior to purchasing their home. Applications may be submitted prior to the orientation session. Our next orientation is scheduled for 6pm on August 15th, 2024. This session will be virtual via Zoom so please click here to register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Eligibility Requirements

Maximum Income

To qualify, the applicant’s household income must be below the amounts listed here. Household size is the total number of people who will be living in the home. Household income is the total amount of gross wages from all employed members of your household.

Household Size Maximum Household Income
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Securing A Mortgage

After a household’s application is reviewed and screened for income eligibility, ABCLT staff will meet with the applicant to prepare for mortgage pre-qualification. During this process, staff will review lender criteria and refer the applicant to complete financial counseling requirements. Our goal is to ensure that once applicants move into their ABCLT home, their monthly payments are affordable to them. Staff will work with the applicant to discuss these numbers and determine what the applicant will be able to afford based on their income.


  • Applicants are required to provide $500 towards the home purchase.
  • Applicants may not have more than $20,000 of liquid assets towards the home purchase. This does not include funds in retirement accounts. 
  • Down Payment Assistance funds are not counted towards the $20,000 liquid assets calculation and cannot be used towards the $500 requirement above. 
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Homebuyer Process

process steps

The following is a general outline of the steps which you will complete on your homeownership journey with ABCLT. Staff will walk you through each one of these steps as you begin to work with us.

If you have questions about this process or the application, please contact our Executive Director, Anna Zuevskaya via phone (828.222.0812) or email (anna@abclt.org).

  1. Attend ABCLT Orientation
  2. Complete Application Packet
  3. Attend Homebuyer Education
  4. Meet with ABCLT Staff to Discuss Available Homes
  5. Meet with Lender for Pre-Qualification
  6. Receive ABCLT Approval and Sign Contract to Buy via ABCLT
  7. Complete Loan Application & Select Closing Attorney
  8. Purchase Your Home!